A 2015 Southwest Book of the Year
Fifty-two weeks, twenty thousand
miles, forty-five years of
experience, and one very big

It seemed like a simple plan—visit fifty-two
places in fifty-two weeks. But for author Ken
Lamberton, a forty-five-year veteran of life in
the Sonoran Desert, the entertaining results
were anything but easy. In Chasing Arizona,
Lamberton takes readers on a yearlong, twenty-
thousand-mile joyride across Arizona during its
centennial, racking up more than two hundred
points of interest along the way.
Lamberton chases the four corners of Arizona,
attempts every county, every reservation, and
every national monument and state park, from
the smallest community to the largest city. He
drives his Kia Rio through the longest tunnels
and across the highest suspension bridges,
hikes the hottest deserts, and climbs the tallest
mountain, all while visiting the people, places,
and treasures that make Arizona great.
In the vivid, lyrical, often humorous prose the
author is known for, each destination weaves
together stories of history, nature, and people,
along with entertaining side adventures and
excursions. Maps and forty-four of the author’s
detailed pencil drawings illustrate the journey.
Chasing Arizona is unlike any book of its kind.
It is an adventure story, a tale of Arizona, a
road-warrior narrative. It is a quest to see and
experience as much of Arizona as possible.
Through intimate portrayals of people and
place, readers deeply experience the Grand
Canyon State and at the same
time celebrate what makes Arizona a
wonderful place to visit and live.
Looking for something to do in Arizona?
How about #
Chasing Arizona?
“Ken is not only a master
storyteller who spews out lovely
sentences at nearly every turn
but is an enthusiastic fan of
Arizona history. This is quite
simply a keeper—enjoyable
without being silly, and
well-researched without being
—Gary P. Nabhan, author of
Cumin, Camels, and Caravans: A
Spice Odyssey

“I love reading a good writer. And
it’s even better when the author
writes about a subject I love. Ken
Chasing Arizona is a
collection of memorable essays
about the state we love. As
entertaining as he is curiously
profound,Lamberton is Arizona’s
twenty-first-century Thoreau,
blessed with the depth, eye, and
patience of Joseph Wood Krutch,
and the delicious literary flair of
the late Charles Bowden.”
—David Fitzsimmons
"Ken Lamberton's Chasing Arizona is a book full of
fascinating information, surprising insights, good
humor and wonderful writing. I thoroughly enjoyed

—Thomas Cobb, author of
With Blood in Their Eyes.
Available from the
University of Arizona